Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue Necklace Photo Large

Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue Limited Edition with Necklace

Think pre-Pop 1950s New York, when Andy Warhol lived on Lexington Avenue and plied his trade as a prolific illustrator — mainly of imaginative shoes. Hence the Warhol-designed mélange that covers the flacon. Lush and unapologetically seductive, this scent dares to link two of the most ultra-feminine commodities a woman can own: fragrance and footwear.

“See a shoe and Pick it up and all day long you'll have Good Luck.” — Andy Warhol

Notes: Blue cypress, fennel, roasted almonds, pink peony, crème brulée, and sandalwood

The gift: With a Limited Edition Robert Lee Morris necklace (18" long with four shoe charms, sterling silver, engraved with the Warhol quote “Beauty is shoe, shoe beauty…”)

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