Fifi Award for Fragrance of the Year in the Nouveau Niche division!

Thursday, April 15 08PM

Bond No. 9 is proud, thrilled, and (let’s not mince words) psyched to announce that not one, but two of our eaux de parfum have just won the ultra-prestigious Fifi Award for Fragrance of the Year (the year being 2009) in the coveted Nouveau Niche division.

For Women’s Nouveau Niche, the winner is Bond No. 9 Astor Place. For Men’s Nouveau Niche, it’s Bond No. 9 Brooklyn.

Two prizes in the same category is a rarity in itself— and rarer still when the perfume house that created them is totally independent of larger corporate ownership. (… and whoa, what a feat that is in this day and age.)

We send our heartfelt thanks to all who have believed in, supported, and inspired our vision of New York-centric perfumery over the seven years we’ve been in business. Not least, we thank our cherished customers, and most of all, we give praise to Miss Liberty,lighting the way in New York Harbor. (We also like that she’s French … but that’s another story.)

After all, Bond No. 9 is a sensory re-imagining of the city of New York (including Brooklyn—the other boroughs are coming!, And not to forget the beach retreats that, after all, are Manhattan in summer exile.)

What our precious Fifis really signal is this: New York perfumery has come of age.

At last we’ve got smell cachet.

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