Bond No. 9 Qr

What’s the world’s most populated neighborhood? The digital village, of course. It’s the inspiration for Bond No. 9’s latest location-scent, Name and URL? HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM.


Launch date: June 2013

Attention, fragrance aficionados: Bond No. 9 is launching its latest eau de parfum on June 30th—which has everyone wondering, What’s the new neighborhood? The answer? This time, it isn’t uptown, downtown, or even in the outer boroughs. Our newest neighborhood is the largest in the world: the digital village, otherwise known as the Internet. And the scent it has inspired, our most future-oriented yet, timed for our 10th anniversary, is simply and aptly named HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM. The locals in this village do a lot of sharing—ideas, photos, videos, music. So why not share a scent too, we reasoned? After all, scents, like the Internet, are all about shared spaces. The neighborhood stats:

Population: Multiple millions at any one time.

People profile: computer literati, twitterati, glamour-ati, techies, wonks, geeks, skypers, googlers, bloggers, and anyone else who wants to connect with the modern world.

The street scene: fast-paced, dynamic; never sleeps; amazingly intimate—you know that blogger’s daily habits on the other side of the world better than you know the guy next door.

In designing the first Internet fragrance, Bond No. 9 adds yet another innovation to our history of firsts. We premiered city-centric scents and single-note-themed and civic-minded scents, as well as our perfume club, Bond-mobile, collection of beach scents, unique recycling program, and Fragrance Happy Hour. And now with our HTTP:// fragrance, Bond No. 9 is almost morphing into iCloud No. 9.

While our latest neighborhood may be virtual, the scent (unisex, of course) is entirely real. But like the Internet, it’s beckoning and outgoing, with lots of diffusion and durability. Also like the Internet, it has a contemporary, mesmerizing appeal that invokes undivided attention. HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM’s key ingredients are super-fresh and contemporary tropical fruit and berry accords that have only recently begun playing a role in perfumery. The starter notes are a high-energy mix of bright yellow bergamot, pineapple oozing with flavor, and juniper berry—evoking the outdoors. Then come the heart notes: not a traditional floral bouquet, but rather apple and blackcurrant, which usually appear as top-notes, along with fresh, clean cedarwood, which combine to underscore HTTP://’s lightness, and which also suggest a new approach to fragrance architecture. By contrast, the base notes—a blend of forest-y patchouli and moss with warm and sensual musk and amber—add seduction, durability, and depth.

Now about the bottle design and availability: The coded blue scanner pattern on the neon-yellow background (bright as virtual sunshine, and echoing the bergamot and pineapple notes inside) isn’t just hypermodern digital décor. It’s the scent’s QR (Quick Response) code. Scan it with a QR reader, and you’ll instantly be transported to the fragrance’s URL, where you can order your first bottle. In fact, for the launch, HTTP:// will be sold online only. Once you have it in-hand and spray it on, you’ll generate lots of person-to-person QR of your own.