Bond No. 9 Manhattan

At last! For the sinuous, sensual, billion-megawatt city that never sleeps, an after-hours eau de parfum it can call its own

Bond No. 9 Manhattan

Launch date: September 2012

Bustling, purposeful, teeming with traffic by day, New York after dark magically transforms into a city of out-and-out, take-no-prisoners seduction. The gourmet restaurants … the unspeakably elegant clubs … the theatre … the late-night tete a tetes all conspire to create a sensual wonderland that finds its very best expression in the local skies above. After dark, they turn a deepest midnight blue, set off by contrast to the billion-kilowatt landscape flickering below. That blue alone is the envy of other city skies everywhere. Their darkness punctuated by light inspired Bond No. 9’s latest eau de parfum, Manhattan.

Yes, Manhattan, referring specifically to the slender centerpiece island at the gateway to a massive continent on one side and a vast ocean on the other. Manhattan is what’s often meant with the words New York. It refers to Mannahatta, “island of many hills,” the name bestowed on it by its indigenous inhabitants, members of the Algonquin Lenape Indian tribe. The Dutch and English sailors who encountered Mannahatta in 1609 discovered a landscape of centuries’-old forests, abundant wildlife, and other natural wonders—all packed into 16 easily navigable miles. A multi-ethnic mix of rough-and-tumble, mostly European settlers soon followed and built a free-spirited trading mecca, like no other, on Mannahatta’s shores.

The rest is urban history. For a century now, New York (which acquired its current name when the British took over in 1665) has ranked as the world’s greatest city. No wonder. As the Lenape Indians knew, this is a can-do place of endless possibilities. What could be more alluring than that?

Manhattan, the eau de parfum, is an after-hours shared scent with a high seduction quotient. Officially it belongs in the oriental gourmand category, rich in spices—some of them very new to the oriental repertory. Its pace is set by a mélange of topnotes: mouthwatering nutmeg … worldly saffron, evoking dried flowers … delicate coriander seeds—softened with the addition of luscious, mouthwatering peach. The heart notes continue the gourmet theme, as sweet honeycomb, made from the nectar of flowers, mingles with black plum, hinting of chocolate, and a warm and inviting gingerbread accord. Moroccan jasmine, the sole flower at the center of this scent, itself evokes the aura of peaches or ripe bananas. Then comes the lingering drydown: Creamy, velvety-smooth sandalwood; rich, balsamic patchouli; a soft and warm vanilla infusion; and unapologetically sensual, skin-like musk.

The bottle is a perfect visualization of the scent itself. A network of laser-etched Bond No. 9 tokens, rendered in red, shimmer against that midnight blue New York sky. Look close-up, as you would through a kaleidoscope, and you’re almost glimpsing an abstraction of the flickering city itself. What you’re seeing is an urban landscape of possibility.