Hudson Yards

Bond No. 9’s springtime scents are always about new beginnings. But our dewy fresh spring 2014 eau de parfum celebrates a new beginning that hasn’t even begun yet. Its name? Hudson Yards.

Hudson Yards

Launch date: April 2014

At Bond No. 9, we’re on a dedicated mission to map the entire City of New York with scents. Broadway … Park Avenue … Wall Street … Chinatown: those are some of the iconic streets and neighborhoods that have informed our portfolio of eaux de parfum. We also create fragrances that celebrate of-the-moment hotspots, like Bleecker Street, Madison Square Park, and Brooklyn. And we haven’t overlooked the city’s parks and squares—Gramercy Park, Central Park, Bryant Park, Washington Square, et al. We’ve even concocted a fantasy thoroughfare, Perfumista Avenue, where everyone you meet wears a mesmerizing scent (our own, of course).

But for spring 2014, we’ve finally outdone ourselves when it comes to choosing an inspiring location. This time, we’ve placed our focus on a specific, genuine neighborhood that has yet to exist—or more precisely is in the process of being built right now. We refer to Hudson Yards, that gi-normous swath of Western Midtown. Bordering on Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, it’s also close enough to the Hudson River to catch a whiff of waterway. Under construction as we speak, Hudson Yards is being transformed from a gritty parking lot for the trains that feed Pennsylvania Station into an honest-to-goodness future-world. Imagine a network of sleek, slim skyline-altering buildings soaring into westernmost Midtown’s air space—until now woefully lacking in high-rises. Imagine a mini-metropolis of ultra-modern apartment buildings, accompanied by a complex of offices, cultural venues, and a luxury hotel, not to mention shops and markets, a self-contained boulevard, a subway station (for the extended No. 7 line—so you know for sure you’re still in New York), and a ferry terminal. New York’s semiannual Fashion Week may well decamp here too, turning this swath of Manhattan into a fashion hub. And all of this will rise up like a multifaceted gemstone in an unexpected setting of urban greenery and parkland. The parks and strolling lanes aren’t afterthoughts. They’re part and parcel of the Hudson Yards ecosphere.

When construction is completed in a few years’ time, Hudson Yards will surely set the tone and pace for the future of urban landscapes worldwide. That’s looking at the big picture. But this urban work-in-progress has already been an inspiration for us at Bond No. 9 as we created a spring 2014 offering that we sought to be all about fresh new beginnings. Hudson Yards, the scent, is a luminous melange of dewy petals piled upon petals. It starts with lush, attention-grabbing lily of the valley, mingled with fresh and innocent freesia and piquant pink peppercorns. Now that your senses are awakened, it smoothly transits into its middle-range notes: a dewy floral bouquet of peony buds and Bulgarian rose—made even more intoxicating with the addition of wine-like lychee. The enduring base notes—woody-citrusy orange flower, iris absolute, and white musk—serve to keep Hudson Yards afloat.

The bottle had to be out-and-out futuristic—which meant that only one color would do: contemporary, near-neon, iridescent chartreuse. It shimmers too, as the glass surface is laser-etched with an overall network pattern of the Bond No. 9 circular signature token. Held up to the light, it reveals almost lace-like glimmerings of transparency. And around the neck, to remind you of the petal-like composition of the scent, rests a ripening cloth flower blossom, in matching chartreuse—amazingly like the green fantasy rose that James Joyce imagines in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (the highly influential novel that paved the way for the future of fiction).

About Bond No. 9 New York: In business for ten years, Bond No. 9 is an edgy downtown perfumery, committed to designing artisanal scented evocations of the neighborhoods and streets of New York—from Riverside Drive to Chinatown to Coney Island. Bond No. 9 has a dual mission: To restore artistry to perfumery, and to mark every New York neighborhood with a scent of its own. Each fragrance represents a specific downtown, midtown, or uptown locale or a city-wide sensibility. An impassioned client base advises us on which parts of town they’d like us to do next. What Laurice Rahme is doing, is scenting the entire island.