And now for I LOVE NEW YORK by Bond No. 9, our brand new fragrance collection.

Its defining features? (1) An informal, easy-to-wear chic; (2) The iconic and enduring I LOVE NEW YORK logo—combined with our own token logo—on every bottle.

Launch date: September 2011

Uptown, Downtown, the avenues, the side streets, even Brooklyn and the beaches: Bond No. 9 has long been known for its New York-centric neighborhood scents. After all, we love this city—its energy and dynamism, its immense variety and endless verve, its 24/7 can-do spirit—with a passion that informs everything we do. And now we’re launching a second luxury eau de parfum collection, whose inspiration isn’t specific metro-locales, but rather the entire State of New York.

It’s about the sum total of New York, a touchstone of dreams throughout the world, which ignites all the senses. From landmark waterfalls and wine trails, to a splendor of cultural icons and a wealth of local food and drink, New York State offers endless surprises and adventure in every corner. And like the original Bond No. 9 collection, it will be designed and executed right here in New York. Is there any better way to give a fragrance line its zing?

We are ecstatic to be partnering with the iconic I LOVE NEW YORK brand in connection with a new series of fragrances that expand our collection beyond our beloved city to encompass the scents of the entire Empire State. This partnership celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of New York in a distinct way, which makes it a perfect fit. Our collaboration is a means of extending our creative expression of love to all of New York.

The campaign also gave us permission to combine the iconic I LOVE NEW YORK logo with Bond No. 9’s own token logo. Designed in 1977 for the State of New York by Milton Glaser to raise morale during an ebb in the City’s municipal life, this nostalgia-laden logo, instantly recognized the world over (no translation necessary), has become so ubiquitous over the past 30-plus years that it has even turned the noun “heart” into a verb, as per the phrase I heart New York. The Bond No. 9 logo, modeled on the grille-work NYC Transit Authority subway token that also emerged in the gritty ‘70s, likewise invokes the careening speed, energy, egalitarianism, and the can-do spirit pervading New York. The two logos appear together on the I LOVE NEW YORK by Bond No. 9 bottle: with I LOVE NEW YORK in a forward, upward tilt, our token standing proudly at its side.

As with the original Bond No. 9 collection, this new one will be designed in our unique, contemporary artisanal style, using the finest ingredients available. It will encompass the exciting regions of New York State. Each of the scents—15 in all when the line is complete—will convey an informal, easy-to-wear chic—like that of the most perfect T-shirt. These fragrances—for women, men, and sharing—are intended to be worn through the day, like a basic clothing layer.

I LOVE NEW YORK for Her, in a pink bottle, is surely the most scrumptious Bond No. 9 eau de parfum yet—a pastry gourmand so delectable, you can practically taste the vanilla frosting. Yet this scent has a worldly balance, as well, making it as perfect for late-night clubbing in a fluttering, glam top and satin peg-leg jeans as it is for bike-riding through the parks in a camisole and shorts. The opening notes—mandarin zest, spicy nutmeg, and a blueberry muffin accord (SO New York)—are instant attention-getters which soon segue into a bouquet of roses and pink peonies, laced with sultry patchouli. But then the tone deepens, with a drydown of sexy musk, vanilla bourbon frosting, sandalwood, and a soft leather accord, adding elegance to the earlier notes.

I LOVE NEW YORK for Him, in a blue bottle, will appeal to fast-paced men who live a multifaceted city lifestyle as well as enjoy all the outdoor adventures of the great state of New York. The opening notes—grapefruit zest, juniper berry, ginger, and an electric energy accord—are all about get-up-and-go. Then, once your attention has been riveted, the scent (like the man) segues into more thoughtful, sophisticated notes: an exquisite extract of soothing lavender (a longtime staple of male perfumes), full-bodied geranium and patchouli, and an animal leather accord. The base notes that linger—sandalwood, balsam-like labdanum, musk, and, updating it all, a modern amber accord—are frankly smoky and sensual, but still very much in control.

In a black bottle, I LOVE NEW YORK for All is velvety smooth yet sense-awakening—like a really good and fresh cup of java laden with cream. In fact, at the heart of this warmth-inducing gourmand’s delight is an infusion of coffee beans with soothing but slightly spicy cacao natural and tantalizing creamy chestnut. But those aren’t the first flavors you smell. At the outset, a gentle wake-up call: a citrus-floral-spice blend of bergamot, lily of the valley, and pepper. Top-notes usually aren’t as softspoken as these, but for sure your attention is riveted, and remains so as the coffee aroma begins percolating. The mellowness is sustained at the end with base notes of exotic, always-entrancing patchouli, animal leatherwood, hypnotic sandalwood, and, adding a rum-like kicker, vanilla.

More I LOVE NEW YORK scents are on the way. Candles and other auxiliary products will gradually be added, as well; these include an innovative body potion that glides onto the skin like magic—because even the toughest New Yorkers like to be pampered.

I LOVE NEW YORK by Bond No. 9 arrives on counter September 18th at Bond No. 9 boutiques and specialty stores, to be announced. New York—both the city of dreams and (to our way of thinking) the grandest state of all—is in for a beautiful, sense-enthralling fall.

About New York State

New York State features 11 beautiful vacation regions. New York’s attractions span from landmarks such as Niagara Falls, to the wine trails of Hudson Valley and treasures like the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Whether it’s wide-ranging outdoor activities for the whole family like fishing, hiking and boating, culinary wonders and farm-to-table fresh foods, or the rich history and culture of one of the 13 original colonies, New York State offers diverse activities for all travelers. For more information about what is going on at I LOVE NY and New York State, make sure to follow us on Twitter at or fan us on Facebook at