Bond No. 9 Signature Perfume

The Empire State meets the Gulf States, with an Arabian Nights’ journey to NoHo

Bond No. 9 Signature Perfume

Launch date: November 2009

Since 2003, Bond No. 9 has advanced the art of perfumery with a riveting collection of New York neighborhood scents—from Wall Street to Chelsea Flowers to New Haarlem. But our latest fragrance, debuting in time for the holidays, takes a new direction, conjuring up a contemporary New York version of the ancient Eastern oud. And as our perfume took shape, we must confess: we fell deeply, madly, absolutely in love with it. Here at last was a perfumer’s fragrance, that seemed to emerge for our own pleasure (… but of course it’s for yours too).

So at Bond No. 9, we had met our match and had no choice but to name this oud Bond No. 9 Perfume, not for a New York neighborhood, but for our NoHo address—a fixed point in the realm of the senses.

What makes Bond No. 9 Perfume unique in our scent repertory? For one thing, it is a study in contrasts, a mingling of East and West, Dubai and New York, ancient and modern, that captures the emerging international mood of 21st century New York. For another thing, it is so seductive, so frankly erotic, that we went all the way with this one, rendering it not as one of our customary 20 percent eaux de parfum, but as a 30 percent concentration, thereby moving it into a category that’s rare today: pure perfume.

The Scent of Bond No. 9 Perfume

The world has many ouds, but here is an oud that could only come out of the fabled melting pot that is New York. Bond No. 9 Perfume contains four superbly harmonious East/West ingredients—the fewest of any Bond No. 9 fragrance (but no more were needed). Representing the Eastern world is earthy, sultry oud. Playing up against it is the rose, that epitome of refined sweetness, treasured in both the Middle East and the New World. Tonka beans from South America add to the heat with its caramel-almond flavor, while musk, inspired by the Asian musk deer, further underscores oud’s carnal nature.

What to wear with Bond No. 9 Perfume?

Since you asked, may we suggest… nothing at all? Bond No. 9 Perfume is a distinctly nighttime experience.

The Bottle

Representing the preciousness of its ingredients, the Bond No. 9 Perfume bottle is rendered in non-stop gold, laser-etched with an overall patterning of our signature token. Hold the bottle up to the light, and you will see through both sides and the crystal-clear perfume itself to an undulating undersea vision that captures the magic of this potion.

A Bit of Background on the Oud

For starters, the word oud (pronounced ooh’d) derives from the Arabic el-oud, meaning branch of wood or twig, referencing the bark of the Aquilaria (or aloewood) tree, which produces an aromatic resin to protect itself against mold. Bearing a powerful aroma which simultaneously soothes and provokes, the oud has served as a perfume for two millennia in the Gulf Region. Its primary use has long been as incense, wafting into the heavens to unite the human with the divine. But so treasured is the languorous fragrance of oud that it is basic to scent-making in the Arabian Peninsula. Thus, we find jasmine ouds, leather ouds, and so forth. The best ouds are more precious, more costly than rubies or gold.