Harrods For Him & Her

For its latest New York neighborhood, Bond No. 9 turns to London—or more specifically, Harrods—the iconic retail landmark. Have we gone too far?

Harrods for Him & Her

Launch date: August 2009

Harrods, the celebrated London emporium, and Bond No. 9, Lower Manhattan purveyor of New York-centric perfumes, jointly announce what well may be the first British-American fragrance venture in history: the debut, in July 2009, of Harrods for Him eau de parfum, along with its partner scent, Harrods for Her.

It is a tribute to Harrods’ vision and ingenuity that this iconic luxury emporium, the epitome of London shopping—and shopping anywhere, according to many retail connoisseurs—should reach across the Atlantic to New York for its house fragrances. After all, our two cities are attuned as never before. Disdaining comparison with almost all other cities but each other, London and New York are global boom-towns beckoning with excitement. The West End and Broadway offer the greatest theatre in the world. Equally exciting are the restaurants. Likewise, the art, music, and contemporary architecture. What’s more, Wall Street and the City reign as the world’s financial capitals. So when America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, gave the Queen a protocol-breaking hug during the May 2009 presidential visit to London, we took it as a sign that our two metropolises were ready to unite even further. And how better to accomplish that than with scents? Harrods for Him

Harrods for Him

Bond No. 9 Harrods for Him is an elegant male fougère that has been updated with gourmand accent flavors. In it, classic lavender, violet leaf, sandalwood, and musk mingle with rhubarb, star anise, chamomile, and pimento leaves.

About the Harrods for Him Bottle

The slender Bond No. 9 superstar bottle displays a festive gold-on-Harrods-green abstracted patterning of the instantly recognized Harrods’ “H,” with the Bond No. 9 token logo superimposed in gold with green lettering.

Harrods for Her

Bond No. 9 Harrods for Her is an eau de parfum that captures both the future-oriented spirit of 21st century Harrods and the eclectic downtown vibe of Bond No. 9. Its key ingredient, and its only floral component, is one that is coveted by both British and American scent aficionados: tuberose. But this tuberose has been given a chic 21st century twist. For the first time here, it is paired with leather, turning it into a tuberose noir. Surrounding this unique coupling are alternately zesty and languorous sidekicks—neroli, mandarin, chamomile, clary sage, and nutmeg, followed by the warm after-scent of amber, sandalwood, and vetiver.

About the Harrods for Her Bottle

The slender Bond No. 9 superstar bottle displays a festive gold-on-gold abstracted patterning of the instantly recognized Harrods’ “H,” with the Bond No. 9 token logo superimposed in Harrods green with gold lettering.

About Harrods

Founded in 1834 as a wholesale grocery by Charles Henry Harrod, an East London tea merchant, Harrods quickly thrived, moving to fashionable Knightsbridge in the 1850s. There it has remained. In the early 20th century, a monumental Edwardian retail palace containing over a million square feet was built for Harrods, complete with a terracotta tile exterior, swirling Art Nouveau windows, and Baroque dome. Inside Harrods today are 330 departments (including a black marble perfume hall), overseen by a staff of over 5,000 from 50 countries. From a nation of shopkeepers, this is the ultimate shopping experience.