Sag Harbor

Bond No. 9’s Sag Harbor, is a languid, flower-garden, ivy-coated, marine-scented ode to that quietly beguiling alternative South Fork town.

Sag Harbor

Launch date: May 2012

It’s been called the non-Hamptons Hampton. It’s a summer outpost for New York’s culturati—writers, artists, and designers who savor this little township’s quaint, old-fashioned atmosphere infused with a distinct do-not-disturb Manhattan cool. While Montauk juts out into the fierce Atlantic, and tumultuous waves pound the Hamptons’ shores, quieter, more self-contained Sag Harbor is literally nestled inside its own sheltering bay. Not only was this a thriving whaling village from the colonial era into the 19th century (it was mentioned in Herman Melville’s masterpiece, Moby Dick), but for a time it was the port of entry for the entire state of New York. And well into the 20th century, before the arrival of Manhattan’s summertime escapees, Sag Harbor remained a vibrant hub of commerce, serving as a small silver crafting and manufacturing center.

Bond No. 9 has long been enamoured of Sag Harbor’s uniqueness as a bustling trading-town-eventually-turned-summer-getaway. The stately Greek Revival homes on Captains Row, the Chamber of Commerce Windmill, the simple wood-frame buildings and picket fences on street after street, the readily negotiable restaurants and shops. So unique and appealing is Sag Harbor that we opened our first non-Manhattan perfume boite right in the heart of Main Street last year. (In fact, it’s ensconced in the historic red-brick American Hotel.) But just being here wasn’t enough. Inspired by our love of this town, coupled with popular demand, we’re introducing Sag Harbor, the eau de parfum—to arrive on shelf on Memorial Day.

Following in the wake first of our Hamptons scent in 2005, followed by Fire Island, Coney Island, and Andy Warhol Montauk, Sag Harbor is the fifth in our series of New York marine eaux de parfum. Its top-note is a Sag Harbor Bay accord surrounded by soft, citrusy bergamot and tart, evergreen ivy leaf. Then comes a garden bouquet of mid-notes. luscious peony, honeysuckle, and magnolia, blended with more tangy Long Island grapes. In a tantalizing finish, seductive base notes come into play. incense-like oud, along with amber and sandalwood from distant shores—reminders of Sag Harbor’s trading-post past.

A whistle-clean white bottle continues the clean marine theme, with a jaunty, almost billowy navy blue pattern-repeat of Bond No. 9’s token logo, sometimes appearing right-side up, sometimes sideways or upside town. Like the Sag Harbor fragrance and the town itself, it’s easygoing, sophisticated, and enticingly beautiful all at once.