The Scent Of Peace For Him

At Bond No. 9, we’re peacekeepers as well as perfumers. So now at last we’re introducing The Scent of Peace for Him—the male counterpart of our No. 1 bestseller. That’s what we call conflict-resolution.

The Scent of Peace for Him

Launch date: November 2013

The best fragrances have a well-known calming effect on a deep psychic level. One spray, one sniff, and you’re instantly transported somewhere soothing. But back in 2006, Bond No. 9 decided to raise the ante on the feel-good sensations that scents produce. Specifically, we devised the world’s first eau de parfum with an overtly civic message—an homage to and a quest for peace. On a macro scale, that meant peace and conflict resolutions among nations; on the micro scale, it meant harmony and equilibrium on personal level. Quickly the grapefruit-lily-cedar-scented Scent of Peace became our Number One best-seller—among women.

Fast-forward to 2013. By now the demand is repeatedly being made for a male counterpart to The Scent of Peace. After all, even as women today—more and more of them world leaders—are praised for being consensus builders, the fact is that men, regardless of sexual orientation, are simultaneously feeling freer to show their soft side. And of course men—who historically have been first-hand combatants in war—everywhere have as deep a desire for peace as women do. So at Bond No. 9, being an equal opportunity perfumer, we had to redress this imbalance of scent-power among the sexes, and October 2013 will see the launch of The Scent of Peace for Him.

It is fitting that this new artisanal eau de parfum should be designed and made in New York—Bond No. 9’s home town, and the inspiration for our entire collection of metro-scents. After all, New York has long been a melting pot—a place of tolerance and understanding. Home to the United Nations, it is also a city where disparate neighborhoods thrive in proximity and sometimes blend (like a beautiful perfume). And of course the events of 9/11 have underlined for us and the world the importance of tolerance and détente.

The scent is a soothing and assured modern masculine blend, composed of both contemporary and traditional fragrance notes. It begins with classic bergamot—a winter citrus with a soft tang. That’s combined with two new flavors: ripe, juicy, tangy pineapple and juniper berry, hinting of both pine and greenery. These segue into the heart notes: blackcurrent—the fresh and elusive smell of cassis; calming cedarwood; and cool, musty, smoky vetiver—a mainstay of men’s perfumery. The Scent of Peace for Him then evolves into its durable base notes, that give it lasting power. Patchouli, amber, and musk—a seductive trifecta; plus moss, adding an earthy forest note.

The bottle is a study in simplicity: Allowing the sleek lines and angles of the Bond No. 9 superstar flacon to come to the fore, it is rendered allover in a deep, rich, resonant royal blue—approximating the color of a business suit, and accompanied solely by a jaunty black leather bow tie round its neck. Blue, of course, is the color of peace, stability, tranquility, and calmness, shown by scientific studies to slow the metabolism. Dark blue, in particular, traditionally identified as a male color, is associated with expertise and stability.

Peace, say the pundits, is possible. Bond No. 9’s contribution to the cause is to make it airborne—now for men as well as women.

Appearing on-counter November 1st 2013, The Scent of Peace for Him will be sold at Bond No. 9’s five New York stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and