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The Great White Way's non-stop razzle dazzle in a fantasy floral bouquet. The loveliest garden flowers, amp'ed up and neon-lit for a non-stop night out.

Notes: Green Violet, Rose, Vanilla Beans, Musk, Sweet Amber, Cedarwood, Aldehydic, Honeysuckle, Iris and Heliotrope



  • spicy rose

    faye | 6/26/2019

    I love this scent. it reminds me of lancome's tresor, excepy Broadway Night has major longevity. it is floral and more than just roses, which is fine. I love the overall scent because it's in a class of its own. you don't get a scent like this very often.

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  • Smell of elegance

    Jhengheart | 1/2/2019

    This perfume is perfect either you wear it for night out, or day out. this is perfect, it is a smell of elegance. I use this perfume every time I go out. I always got a question of “what perfume are you using? It smells so good! Very classy. Where I can buy them? It smells fabulous. It’s just perfect.

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  • Memories

    Lulwa | 3/20/2017

    This perfume is beautiful, it was given to me as a gift , and when I first smelled it I felt like I was back to my childhood , i don't know how to explain it , it was nothing like I ever smelled , yet I felled I wanted to remember where I smelled it, I don't understand why but this perfume smells like memories.

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  • Intense Luxury

    Manuel | 8/2/2016

    If there is one place in the world that absolutely glistens and shines, it's Broadway at night. And Bond did a fragrance capturing all that over the top brightness. But actually, Broadway Nite isn't that flashy, but rather is a smooth and intense fragrance of the classic genre. The sweetnes is vanillic, a bit powdery and fluffy, and lifted by sparkling Aldehydes. Like Champagne, this fragrance features not only Vanilla, but also Heliotrope, which does have a floral vanilla type smell. The iris lends it's powdery and luxurious smell. Overall, Broadway Nite has a fur like quality to it, it's soft but sparkling, and easily one of the most intense fragrances out there.

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