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At last! For the sinuous, sensual, billion-megawatt city that never sleeps,an after-hours eau de parfum it can call its own: Bond No. 9 Manhattan. Who knew that smelling like this city could be so seductive?

Notes: Fresh Coriander, Corsican Immortelle, Spicy Nutmeg, Juicy Italian Bergamot, Gold Saffron, Gourmand Gingerbread, Cashmere Wood, French Genet, Provence Star Jasmine, Cistus Flower, Gourmand Red Plum, Breches Honey, Rare Agarwood, Oriental Musk, Creamy Sandalwood and Suede



  • Pure Seduction

    Cynthia | 7/30/2021

    This is the series, most unique Nd incredible fragrance I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. I get compliments whenever I'm wearing it. I never tire of this scent and have never found another I love as much as this one.

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  • Wonderful Fragrance

    Clay | 7/30/2021

    Such a beautiful sent

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  • Scent of peace

    Zack | 6/20/2021

    I brought scent of peace and it’s breath taking ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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    Yolanda | 12/20/2020

    I absolutely love, love , love this fragrance!!!

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  • Wow

    Jermaine V. W. | 10/20/2019

    This is my best yet

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  • Good stuff

    Victor | 4/11/2019

    Just picked this one up yesterday. this definitely will be on my top 4 rotation along with Dubai gold.

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  • Rich, Lavish, luxury.

    Justine | 11/26/2017

    If you want to walk into a room smelling like a million bucks, Manhattan is your fragrance!

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  • Luv

    Kellyanne Alston | 12/23/2016

    This is my ultimate favorite flavor.

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  • The best

    Marty | 9/2/2016

    One of my favorites.

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  • One night in Manhattan

    Manuel | 8/2/2016

    If only all of Manhattan would smell this delicious...! With Manhattan, you will experience a gourmand fragrance that redefines the genre dramatically. The smell of gingerbread is a delicious note on it own, but Bond doesn't stop here. They pair it with the most delightful and juicy Plum, make it spicy and hot with cinnamon and nutmeg, and top it off with the most precious wood in the world: The famous Oud! Just a hint of Saffron and creamy Suede accompany the Old, and of you take a step back and look at the composition as a whole, you will fall in love with it. Sweet, fruity, spicy, oriental... Gorgeous! This is what desserts in the Far East Must smell like.

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