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When New York's Iconic Luxury Specialty Store Meets Luxury New York Perfumer, the Results are Bond No. 9's Saks Fifth Avenue for Her ...and Saks Fifth Avenue for Him-Firsts in the New Genre of Retail Eaux de Parfum

The traditional all-white gardenia-rich bouquet, updated and given a fashion-forward contemporary twist.

Notes: Jasmine, Tuberose, Gardenia, Vetiver and Vanilla



  • Found my Signature Perfume!

    Vero | 3/1/2023

    My mother-in-law introduced me to Bond No 9 Saks for Her. This was love at first sniff! My entire world changed. My first words were this is what angels probably smell like. This perfume would be PERFECT for a bride. I have never smelled a tuberose before and this was pure magic. Imagine very unique creamy delicious white flowers. Just enough sweetness and freshness. When I sprayed it on myself and my clothes, the trail was heavenly and longevity was eternal. I own many perfumes but i feel like I don’t want to touch any of them after smelling this. It’s intoxicating and one of a kind. Now I need to make sure Bond no 9 never discontinues it or I will start a riot.

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  • Best Perfume Ever

    Cynthia Cortez | 2/19/2023

    This is all I have worn for years. I always receive compliments on it. I have tried other fragrances but this is by far my absolute favorite. I love it! Worth every dollar.

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  • Head Turning Showstopper!

    Lyric | 1/15/2023

    Bond No 9 DNA Saks for her is the absolute best perfume I have ever come across. I have worn this scent since 2009 & am constantly stopped by someone complimenting & asking for the details. I'm crushed Saks no longer Carry's it, but as long as I can order it, I'm good. I always have a fresh full size bottle on the vanity as well as backup bottles in my daily tote, travel toiletries bag & our mountain cottage. This perfume is my signature smell & I LOVE THIS SCENT!

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  • the best perfume

    naomi | 1/3/2023

    i have been using this perfume for over 15 years. the scent is so beautiful and sensual!!

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  • No other fragrance this good

    Ester | 1/2/2023

    The first time I had the pleasure of experiencing this scent was on a person who came into my place of work. I had to find out the scent. She laughed and said that that was how she found out about it, smelling it on someone else. I have been wearing it exclusively every day for years! I can’t even count the times I am stopped. Saks fifth avenue stopped carrying it, I hope you never discontinue. I do keep a 2 large bottle backup…I’m obsessed!

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  • I love this! The best!

    Deedee | 12/18/2022

    This smells so good and I have been wearing it for years and always get compliments. I finally bought the large one recently, and dropped it and broke it two weeks after! But now I have to have more!

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  • Best scent ever!

    Amanda | 10/23/2022

    I can’t live without my bond#9 for her. Great customer service on the bond website.

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  • My favorite scent

    JB | 8/13/2022

    I’ve been a Bond customer for over 10 years now. This is my favorite scent. Always complimented on this scent.

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  • The best!

    Shun | 7/30/2022

    This scent is my new favorite. I could wear it every single day. Its refreshing and clean and flowery. By far the best scent ive smelled in years.

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  • Definitely a "her" scent

    Linda | 7/11/2022

    I was fortunate to acquire this scent at a silent auction. I watched the list all evening until I won! I'm so glad I did. People stop me when I wear Saks.

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