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TriBeCa is having a moment. Meet the chic new fragrance that tells its story. The style is a sexy, unisex, floriental, that’s sophisticated and young, much like the residents of TriBeCa.

Notes: Cacao Absolute, Green Hazelnut, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Cedarwood, Ambroxan, Moss, Caramel



  • If u know u know

    Serita Singh | 10/8/2021

    I'm totally in love with this scent on my bae. Ladies back off 😂

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  • Smell amazing

    Yernise Rivera | 9/20/2021

    This one is my absolute favorite. I love how the scent lasts all day. It smells amazing and I get so many compliments when wearing it.

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  • Mesmerizing Scent

    Carrye Abdullah-Lake | 8/7/2021

    So I was hands down a Greenwich Village wearer. I'm almost out and went to buy GV again but ended up buying Tribeca. O.M.G. I never thought I'd love a Bond fragrance as much or more than GV. These 2 are my Bond No. 9 go to's. Worth EVERY penny. Gorgeous, long lasting & mesmerizing!

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  • Hauntingly gorgeous scent

    Ghost | 7/19/2021

    I could have SWORN this had coconut in it but to my surprise is has none. It is a delicious mix of sweet and yummy that clings to you all day.I spray a bit in my hair and have been stopped multiple times by strangers to ask what it is. YOU MUST HAVE!!

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  • Must Have Forever

    Tara | 7/18/2021

    This fragrance is a must have in your collection forever!!!! Whenever I wear it I have more than 2 people stop me and ask what I’m wearing. In addition it last for 7+ hours. Love it!!!!! Never want to be without it…I just purchased and I’m thinking of buying another…I want to always have it in my collection. I have more than 70 different fragrance in my collection and this is in my top 3!!!!

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  • It’s great

    Wesley | 7/18/2021

    Man all it takes is two sprays and your good for the whole day , defiantly worth every dollar the woman will be all over you with this one

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    Kendra | 7/12/2021

    Words can't even describe how AMAZING this perfume is! The die down scent is heavenly and enticing! And it lasts forever! I can still smell it after a couple of days..worth every single penny!

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  • sublime experience

    Valencia | 6/23/2021

    my bond no 9 sales rep told me i would like tribeca based on my profile. initially, I was totally blinded by my love of Dubai Amethyst and greenwich village - there was no way anything could win my heart more. i was wrong!!! this is my all time favorite from the initial spritz through the dry down. what an experience.

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  • 🔥

    Altelio Moragne | 6/20/2021

    The Bond family hit a homerun with tribeca!! Very familiar to baccarat Rouge 540, but the undertone notes puts this in a category all by itself. Straight fye 🔥

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  • Sexy scent

    Alicee White | 5/13/2021

    This my third bottle of bond no but tribeca is my favorite.

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