astor place


Our Mesmerizing Eau de Parfum, Inspired by New York's Most Vibrant Arts-and-Style Intersection.The scent, an intoxicatingly fresh spring floral.

Notes: Violet Leaf, Mandarin Zest, Freesia, Red poppy buds, Orris (iris root), teakwood, Musk and Amber


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  • Amazing!!!!!!

    Ashley | 8/4/2016

    i first found out about bond no. 9 perfumes through a friend of mine, who wears perfumista. I made a point to go by the counter at saks and smell a couple of the fragrances. With astor place it was love at first sniff! it's definately a floral, but not a white flower floral or any other typical flowery floral. Bond fragrances are in a league of their own and well worth the money paid!

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  • Juicy Jasmine Glow

    Manuel | 8/2/2016

    Astor Place combines the sweetness of Jasmine petals with the juicy smell of Mandarin. The smell is indeed golden, and as it shifts into the heart note, the floral intensity gets stronger. The feeling goes from golden to orange. And as the fragrance dries down, the musk and powdery iris make Astor Place seem like it exudes the glow of the setting sun. A sheer but elegant floral for those who want to smell perfect, but not too strong.

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