bond no.9 new york signature scent


The Arabian Nights come to Noho. To mark the 10-year anniversary of Bond No. 9's headquarters boutique, we had no choice but to unveil our signature scent, Bond No. 9 Perfume Oud, not for a New York neighborhood, but for our NoHo address. As a 30 percent concentration, thereby moving it into a category that's rare today: pure perfume.

Notes: Oud Extract, Rose, Tonka Beans and Musk


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  • The Essence of Bond

    Manuel | 8/2/2016

    Creating a Signature Fragrance for your own company must be quite a difficult task, as you have to get all the things right that your company is about. With this scent, Bond created a wonderful Signature for themselves, let me explain why. Whenever Oud is featured in a fragrance, you would expect a woody, dark and arabian inspired scent. But this one is different. Right after applying it to the skin, Signature will surprise you with its bright and fruity fresh Rose note. How curious, I never would have expected such a fresh opening. But make no mistakes, this is Bond we're talking about. Despite being rather fresh, the scent takes quite a punch. It's powerful, and just minutes into the fragrance, a clean Oud note makes sure it stays powerful. Once again I am reminded how sensual Oud is, and together with the fresh Rose and some almond like sweetness from the Tonka Bean, this Signature perfume gets extremely mesmerizing. Fruity, fresh, woody, sweet. Everything that Bond is about in a bottle!

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    tOMEKA | 7/21/2016

    My husband purchased this signature scent a year ago. I receive so many compliments. Not sure why you just didn't call It "seduction" . It's my pleasure to give a review, this fragrance is mind-blowing!! I have not tried the other scents -but I'm sure they will be just as impressive....kudos to the company

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  • bond no9 ny signature scent

    AMANDA | 6/10/2016

    I purchase my first bottle of bond 9 signature from saks 5 avenue SF for my birthday along with the hand cream.. I love it.. with purchase I received a bottle of bond 9 .. love it

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  • rich

    Donnie | 5/30/2016

    So i have now worn this scent for several years probably 5 to be close and I love it! i am constantly being asked about it and complimented… i have been told its a seductive and rich scent i love it!! because of my love for this scent i have not tried any other bond scents but i am about to order bleecker street and can't wait to see what people say about it… love this scent love this company

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