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Bond No. 9’s been headquartered right around the corner from Lafayette Street. This once unsung thoroughfare cuts a swath through Downtown’s most iconic neighborhoods, including Little Italy, Soho and Chinatown, it’s in serious revival mode today.

The scent is a smooth ultra-male oriental fougere.

Notes: Bergamot, Coriander, Fresh floral, Ambroxan, Pomme, Vanilla, Dry wood, Tonka bean, and Grey Amber



  • Exquisite

    Cal | 12/9/2021

    I love this EDP. Whenever I use it i feel like I am in a bubble of sweetness. It happened to be my first bond No.9 and I plan to explore more.

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  • So good!

    Mandy | 11/3/2021

    Not sure what took me so long to smell this, but i'm hooked! even though it's a unisex scent, it is very soft and very different from any other bond scent. i absolutely love it!

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  • Goated

    BB | 7/17/2021

    This fragrance is absolutely amazing. Not to strong, extremely subtle. My wife loves when I wear my bond fragrances. This and tribeca are goated.

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  • Greatness

    Earnest Cullen | 7/11/2021

    My new number 1 fragrance.

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    Melanie | 5/16/2021

    Lafayette is a fascinating scent! It’s epitomizes strength, boldness, sexiness, charm with flattery, making it delicate just enough for a woman when the notes settle. I’m a female loving so hard on this scent. It also helps that it lasts all day. To my Ladies...what men love about it hits even more appealing on you! 😍

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  • Simply the Best

    Hecky | 4/10/2021

    I have tried many fragrances in my lifetime but this fragrance is absolutely the best I have ever purchased. Words cannot describe this scent. It is just simply outstanding. This fragrance has become my best fragrance. I always keep a spare bottle in my closet for backup. Love it. Wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Bind no. 9 makes some serious fragrances but this is my personal favorite.

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  • I’m in love

    Reloaded | 2/12/2021

    I smelled this a few years ago along with a few more and this what atuck out to me but I wasn’t 100% sure if Lafayette was the one I was smelling. I went back to clarify and let my girlfriend smell it and she couldn’t stop smelling me. By far this is a fragrance that you wear when it’s a lot of people or and want to stand out, or when it’s just that type of day when you feel like a superhero.

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  • The best addiction

    Danny | 1/24/2021

    Watch out nah! This fragrance is addictive! It is a very unique and truly beautiful scent. No other smell quite compares to it. If you want to stand out, Yet still capture everyone’s attention. This is the fragrance to do just that. People will inquire about it. Bond no. 9 Lafayette Street makes a great gift for yourself or for someone special. I sometimes spray it on before bed just to get some extra hugs. My wife can’t keep her hands off me. You’ll love it!

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  • My husband loves this

    Alisha Riley | 12/25/2020

    My husband smelled this fragrance when we first starting dating. I recently decided to buy it for him as a Christmas gift. He was very happy. It’s a soft masculine fragrance. You would not go wrong with this one.

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  • Lafayette Street Bond No.9

    LeAndre Johnson | 11/2/2020

    Lafayette Street is one of the softest yet smooth men’s fragrances I’ve ever smelled. Just wearing it makes you feel good! If you want a cologne that’s a game changer, this is the one!

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