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Capturing the free spirit of New York’s dreamy wanderers. A strong, sensual, statement-making oud, with modern fruity notes and luxurious amber.

Notes: Pear, quince, black currant, violet leaves, oud accord, rose, amber, vanilla

Essence Best In Black Beauty 2022 Award



  • Pleasant

    Mushtaq | 3/15/2022

    I have great things to say about this fragrance as well as the customer alike. Firstly, the Nomad has exceptionally unique exposure and how well it blends in the air with your skin & apparel. The notes are so well balanced that does not attack but a gentle but presence is known prominently. It's an allrounder. Secondly, the customer service is exceptional and very inviting.

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  • Can't Go Wrong

    Dee | 3/11/2022

    This scent is light and airy. One small spray and it lights up an entire room for an entire day. I ordered the luxe samples before deciding on my first scent and it was a toss up between this one and tribeca. I loved both but ultimately nomad won to be the first in my future collection.

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  • Wonderful fragrance!

    NS | 1/13/2022

    I have Greenwich village from Bond no 9 and tried nomad from one of the testers they had sent. Immediately fell in love!

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  • Beautiful fragrance

    KnightDame | 12/26/2021

    This was my first time ordering from Bond, and I enjoyed my experience! It came quickly, and the fragrance is very beautiful and lasts all day…I can’t wait to try the other fragrances!

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    DoedraMontana | 11/14/2021

    I sampled this yesterday while at Saks and was blown away! This smells absolutely amazing. It is bond’s best scent in my opinion hands down! Yes there are others but this truly outshines them all in my opinion. It has one of the sexiest versions of oud ive ever smelled in my life! I sprayed my wrist and jacket and the scent is still there after three hours, that says alot!

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  • My new favorite

    Clay T | 10/16/2021

    Bond has really outdone themselves! I blind bought nomad and was blown away. It exceeded expectations. This is truly a sophisticated fragrance.

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