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Art, fashion, seduction, and dessert in liquid form. A warm and sensual aphrodisiac that glides from day into evening.

Notes: Violet leaf, cassis, jasmine, cinnamon, oakmoss, patchouli, vanilla, caramel



  • Heavenly

    Arcy | 7/31/2018

    I've been wearing Bleecker st for about 14 years. it is my absolute favorite. i highly recommend it.

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  • Bottle number 6

    Johnathan | 7/19/2018

    $50 bucks a squirt on my shirt and it’s worth every drip!!!!!!!

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  • Perfect for me

    Nese aydın | 5/27/2018

    Fresh elegant scent ,Perfect for me

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  • Perfect for ME!

    Martha | 4/28/2018

    This is my signature fragrance, I started wearing it several years ago when my son had it, and I took it from him! Its a great unisex fragrance, people tell me all the time how good I smell, but its the bleeker street. I brag about this wonderful fragrance and the Bond LINE all the time!

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  • Long Lasting Lady Killer

    Mr. Williams | 3/29/2018

    Whenever I have this on women and men tell me I smell like wealth. When at work not a single person walks by without telling how damn great I smell. Will definitely keep a bottle of this on hand, if you don’t own this your sleeping on a great fragrance period!!

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    Valerie M. | 2/28/2018

    I have been wearing Bleeker Street for almost 8 years and still not tired of it! people stop me all the time and ask what I am wearing because it smells so good. this is another appealing feature because when wearing it you somehow feel like the only person in the world who knows about this magnificent parfum and people cannot help but be drawn to it. Love love love!

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  • Love it

    Cc U.K. | 2/17/2018

    I love it love it love it. My favourite, I only let my husbNd wear it when he's with me as he smells so gorgeous!

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  • Breath Taking

    Trikki | 11/12/2017

    I bought this and chez for my boyfriend. I love both but this one is amazing! Just say he's not allowed to wear it unless he's with me. Ladies and Gentlemen it's worth it!

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  • Unforgettable

    Kristian | 10/30/2017

    I was gifted a small bottle of this for my wedding day...a fantastic idea as the day was unforgettable and the scent still brings me back to that exact moment in time; kissing my wife for the first time as a married couple, dancing the night away-time traveling in a bottle! Unfortunately I’ve run out and so has Bond otherwise I’d be re-upping ASAP

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  • delicious and earthy

    Donn | 7/1/2017

    this fragrance keeps me grounded and just enough sweetness and green to project a fresh calm. works well during the warmer temps and stays close to skin indoors.

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