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Art, fashion, seduction and dessert in liquid form. A warm and sensual aphrodisiac that glides from day into evening.

Notes: Violet Leaf, Cassis, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Vanilla and Caramel



  • A stopper

    Anthony | 6/11/2021

    One of my favorites. Can’t go anywhere without being stopped and being asked what I have on.

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  • Best ever

    Daniel Mora | 4/26/2021

    Nothing like it, I have invested in so many perfumes thru the years but this is amazing. People notice when you walk into a room. Even when you shower at night as well it stays with you the next morning. Worth the investment even if you do not use it every day.

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  • always get a compliment

    Amy Baxter | 3/29/2021

    I love bleeker street! I never fail to have someone say "Wow, you smell amazing!' when I wear it. It's confident but not overpowering, and different enough to be interesting but not challenging. Only issue is the bottle is too big and heavy to travel with once we can travel again!

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  • My favorite perfume ever

    Lori | 3/25/2020

    I love this scent, make me feel good and smile. I feel sexy and confident. Although I can’t afford it but love 💕 it!! 💕💕💕

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  • Spring in a Bottle

    BK | 7/26/2019

    Opening has a sweet Berry freshness, and then it dries into a Oakmoss, Iris and Suede (Earthy and Green). Performance is a good 6-7 Hours longevity, and while it doesn't project beastly, its noticeable in a nice subtle way. Its great scent to wear on spring and cool summer days

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  • One of my top picks

    Shelley kraft | 5/29/2019

    Absolutely love the smell. Very elegant. Everytime I wear it I always get tons of compliments. Definately one of my top picks. One Squirt is all you need.

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  • Absolutely love it

    Richard J. Blanco | 5/25/2019

    This is the first fragrance I purchased from Bond I have bought several others since this by far my favorite ! It is a very unique scent what I really enjoy is my wife an I can both use it. I absolutely love this scent !

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  • Heavenly

    Arcy | 7/31/2018

    I've been wearing Bleecker st for about 14 years. it is my absolute favorite. i highly recommend it.

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  • Bottle number 6

    Johnathan | 7/19/2018

    $50 bucks a squirt on my shirt and it’s worth every drip!!!!!!!

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  • Perfect for me

    Nese aydın | 5/27/2018

    Fresh elegant scent ,Perfect for me

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