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The speed-demon, get-it-done-yesterday capital of the world, in take-out form. Fast-paced fruits, flowers, and greens whose effervescent scent molecules positively whiz through the air.

Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Petitgrain Leaves, Green Watery Accord, Neroli, Gardenia, Cyclamen, White Lily, Basil Verbena, Jasmin Petals, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Skin Musk, White Woods

Note: The 50mL bottle design varies from the 100mL.



  • Eau de New York: truly unfolds

    Anthony | 6/13/2021

    One of the classics of the Bond no 9 legacy! Its scent pops a punch of citrus and rare fruit! Youthful for the Wall Street professional and arms one with a delightful authority.

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  • Perfect

    Eileen | 3/19/2021

    Just the right amount of Smart, sophistication, Sensuality, Scrumptious... Love it ❤️ So Will You ✨

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  • Memories

    Luz Oquendo | 3/15/2021

    So excited to have my own bottle that I don't have to share. It reminds me of my childhood. Its so refreshing!!

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  • Perfection

    Barbara A | 1/2/2021

    Eau de New York is the best fragrance I’ve ever used. People continually stop me to ask what I’m wearing, not that it’s heavy or overbearing at all, but so seductive and unique. It’s fresh yet sexy, it’s light and clean, but it enduringly lasts all night. It reminds me of summer and actually makes my mouth water. I feel it doesn’t get the attention or jazzy promotion of the other scents, yet it’s the best of all. I may be happy about that so not everyone wears it, yet I fear they will discontinue! Maybe I need to start hoarding! Love love love it!

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    Bia | 12/6/2018

    I wanted to write this review so that it is understood that Eau De NY is a Staple!!!! the most classic fragrance ever created. beautiful, crisp, unique, enduring. try it- you will not be disappointed

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  • Please, never discontinue

    Genevieve M. | 12/14/2017

    This is the best and only perfume I've worn for the last 7 years since the day I discovered it. Perfect for year round wear - It goes on crisp, fresh and citrusy ... and then softens and sweetens into a velvety, natural and intoxicating "sweet skin" smell that lingers for hours. People literally stop me on the street about once a month asking if "I just smell like that, or what perfume I'm wearing". Maybe it's my body chemistry that mixes incredibly well with this fragrance, or maybe Eau de New York is simply THE best perfume ever made, I do not know for sure. Im just hoping they continue to make it for years to come. If I hear they're stopping production, I'm going to have to hire a lab to recreate it - that is how much I love this incredibly unique, soft, clean and crisp scent. Thank you bond no 9. Outstanding.

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  • My favorite

    Richard Byrd | 8/31/2017

    This one is my go to, even though I love many others. Bond has been the best in my book for a long time. Just the best scents and love to hit the Bond shop every time I land in SoHo.

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  • warm citrus with class

    Donn | 7/1/2017

    super fresh combined with timeless perfection. i have only had the honor of featuring this during the summer and it plays well with the heat.

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    MARCIA tRAVIS | 3/1/2017

    I just purchased my first bottle. OMG. I am in love. I feel so invigorated and energetic. What a great fragrance. It's unlike anything else I've ever tried. This will now be my signature. yum

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  • Mossy Citrus Molecules

    Manuel | 8/2/2016

    Eau de New York, what a great name and bottle for a New York themed fragrance. I can't but smile whenever I see the colorful dots on the pearly white background. The fragrance inside the bottle is a true beauty. Energetic citrus notes get underscored by a green floral note and intense accents of mosses. The overall effect is green and fresh, just what you need on a typical New York day. Free yourself from all the noise of the city and lean back to enjoy the calming aroma of Eau de New York.

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