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Introducing Governors Island. A seductive, addictive incense-filled scent. Invokes the smell of the island's dense woodlands. A rule-breaking symphony of tenacious forest notes.

Notes: Warm Resin Encens, Honeyed Ambrox and Cedar Wood.



  • Perfectly unisex

    Cassie | 9/7/2022

    This scent is very difficult to describe. It reminds me of being on a wharf on a warm sunny day, with the fresh sea air surrounded by that heavy, sappy dock wood. It's comforting and warm, but can definitely be worn casually throughout the day. However it is also a bit sexy. Super different. Smells great on both sexes. I really cannot describe this but regardless, it is a year-round staple for me.

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  • Not another day without you

    Leigha Briolo | 1/15/2022

    Strategically crafted by the gods. A sent that is sure to have the wearer and those around lifted to a higher dimension of harmony and flow. My soul cannot live another day with out this sent.

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  • Amazing sexy scent

    Gia | 8/22/2021

    I own a few bond no 9 fragrances and this is my favorite, i have never met a person who did not love it. It’s soft but powerful and I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it. It’s a fragrance that draws you close and keeps you there. It lasts all day and even after sitting my clothing down for a week when I pick them up to do my laundry you can still smell the scent. If you are looking into buying this - make the purchase you will not regret it.

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  • Sooo georgeous!!!

    Dawid from germany | 8/19/2021

    I fell in love with that parfume, tried it first time in germany by having luck with the guy that he presented it to me after a long discussion and analysis of my wishes for a perfume. A not well know but genious perfume which is magic and here we go! This is so magic its my favorite perfume at the moment and i have more then 30 different at home. This is so much heaven and compliment getter. A really secret scent overall!

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  • Wonderful

    Che | 8/12/2021

    This smell very good!!! Long lasting. When I wear this scent I receive compliments.

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  • Beautiful

    Vivian Leigh | 7/19/2021

    First class. Lovely fresh scent for all women everywhere.

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  • Heaven in a bottle 🕊 lol

    Jordan | 7/15/2021

    Review title says it all. I’ve worn about a couple dozen Bond scents and smelled or sampled about 60 or 70% of their offerings from multiple visits, the Bon Bon box, tons of samples, and stalking the site and the reviews lol. This is my favorite by far- the scent itself, its staying power, how it works from my own skin. It’s just perfect. Seriously heaven in a bottle in my humble opinion

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  • Amazing

    Jahn Boman | 7/2/2021

    Omg this is just amazing smells like heaven

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  • The best scent from bond

    Scrill Davis | 4/16/2021

    This is by far bonds most unique, and long lasting scents.

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  • All compliments accepted

    Judy Knapp | 3/26/2021

    I wear this parfum every day mixed With another bond scent and I get So many compliments and questions “What scent is that”?

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