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Your own private Jitney transport to New York's outermost neighborhood, where country lanes dotted with World of Interiorshouses and McMansions meet salt-sea mist. A male-female weekend scent, combining lush florals with a woody musk that lingers like a creamy ocean mist.

Notes: Lime blossom, bergamot, white jasmine, magnolia, amber, sandalwood


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  • Seriously??? :-)

    Nina Flores | 9/13/2016

    There are no words to describe this product except..... perfect!!!! I never thought I could find a fragrance that could be so wonderful and unforgettable. The first time i came across this scent, i asked myself, are you serious????? it was in amazement and jubilee that I finally found a product that i could wear daily and faithfully. i love it..... because it makes me feel beautiful :-)

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  • Spring water & Sea Spray

    Manuel | 8/2/2016

    Hamptons - A fragrance like no other. At first, I can smell a note that reminds me of the purest and freshest spring water, that runs down a hill full of moss and rubble, thus absorbing their herbal smells. But in the next moment, the smell of wet sand and sea spray overpowers the water note, and from this moment onwards, I can't stop smiling as I get occasional whiffs of Hamptons' unique freshness.

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  • beautiful summer scent

    Jolita | 7/15/2016

    love it! this has been my favorite summer scent for years now. it is light and fresh and does not weigh me down on a hot summer day.

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