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Welcome to Liberty Island--Bond No. 9's lush and lively summer scent, celebrating the world's most famous island, home of the world's most celebrated symbol of freedom-the torch-bearing Statue of Liberty.

A joyous, sparkling, freedom-loving, male-female, time-out summertime blend, full of lush and tangy fruity-floral notes.

Notes: Bergamot Essence, Mandarin Essence, Blackcurrant, Orange Blossom Absolute, Jasmin, Marshmallow and Musk



  • πŸ‘

    Jordan | 7/15/2021

    A Citrus type fragrance can be hit or miss but this one definitely nails it. I personally don’t like wearing citrus scents but this seriously smells good enough for me to look past my bias and use it. Wall Street is also legit. I got the bon bon box and have actually worn these scents, I plan to add this or Wall Street to my next Club 9 purchase. Good stuff.

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  • "Summatime Chi"

    Janice Shelton | 3/18/2021

    In Chicago we have a saying "Summatime chi" it basically means FUN TIMES IN THE CITY, this fragrance, although very new york captures EVERYTHING CHICAGO. It's tangy & sweet. Subtle with a slight edge. Breezy & beautiful. Trust me, you'll fall head over heels in love. Perfect for a gift, if you're buying blindly.

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  • Clean and Summer spicy

    Shannon | 3/15/2021

    I took a wild chance on Liberty Island and it does not disappoint! The clean, summery, and slightly spicy scent is perfect for the pre-summer weather in New Orleans. Lots of compliments on this one!! β€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸŒˆ

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  • Smells like summer!

    Court | 3/14/2021

    Very light yet alluring scent. It is perfect for any trendsetter on the go!

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  • liberty isand

    Belinda Mosley | 2/8/2021

    my boyfriend got it as a sample and he sprayed me and i took the sample it smells good on me. he is going to get me a bottle.

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  • Clean fresh citrus scent

    Desiree Atchison | 9/9/2020

    Of the 21 Bond samples that I have, Liberty Island was my immediate favorite. Ordered a bottle and I love it more with each wearing. When I first apply it, i smell the fresh citrus. The citrus smell is softened by the marshmallow. Later in the day, the marshmallow and musk become more prominent. Yet I'll still get whiffs of the citrus. It's also a very clean scent. Almost citrus-soapy in the best way possible.

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  • Summer floral

    Jamey | 5/22/2019

    Mostly I smell orange blossoms in this with a touch of jasmine and light musk. Occasionally I notice the bergamot.

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  • Oh say can we seeeee

    Ahkeel | 2/22/2019

    Every time I wear liberty island it makes her melt!

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  • Great mixer

    Trina | 4/28/2018

    Love ❀️ with Madison ave

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  • Great mixer! 😍

    Wendy | 10/1/2016

    This is my daily fragrance, but I mix it with Madison Ave. one spritz of each, on top of each other (doesn't matter which goes on first). It also mixes nicely with perfumista!!

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