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"This juice runs like a Maserati," said The New York Times in a 5-star fragrance review. This ode to the glory days of the Harlem Renaissance and the legendary Apollo Theater, Small's Paradise, and the Cotton Club, is a highly potent caffeinated, all-but-drinkable coffee-patchouli blend.

Notes: Lavender, Bergamot, Green Leaves, Coffee, Cedarwood, Amber, Vanilla, Tonka, Patchouli



  • very harlem

    Rob | 5/25/2023

    As a Harlem native I had to try this and was not disappointed. The smoky smooth coffee notes very much gives off what you would expect an old jazz club to smell like. I alternate between this and New York Nights as my everyday scents.

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  • thank you!!!!!

    stscey | 3/26/2023

    thank you for bringing back my absolute favorite. This scent smells divine on. oh, how i've missed this

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  • what a fragrance

    George | 3/10/2023

    I order this on a blind buy and I am not disappointed. A major compliment getter.

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  • Bring all the classics back!

    Dale | 3/6/2023

    Thank you for focusing on bringing back your classics and rewarding the people who helped start Bond No.9’s journey around 20 years ago. It rewards old customers with nostalgia and new customers with a chance to experience how Bond No.9 gained such a following! And by the way this version is as good if not better than the (original) New Harlem…..A+

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  • Best Scent

    Diana | 3/4/2023

    I originally bought this when the line first launched years ago. I fell in love with New Haarlem and it quickly became my signature scent. It’s is woody and earthy and the coffee blends nicely for that lasting scent. So excited it’s back!

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  • A one of a kind scent

    Pamela | 1/28/2023

    Thank you for making my husband’s favorite scent again. It sets the mood for closeness.☺️

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  • So happy to have this back!!

    Hunter w. | 12/6/2022

    I first smelled this years ago and always told myself i would get a bottle and then it disappeared. As soon as i saw it back in stock i bought it immediately. amazing fragrance

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  • It’s Back!!!

    Christopher S. | 10/14/2022


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  • My absolute favorite cologne

    sam sherman | 9/28/2022

    I have been on the wait list for almost 3 years! And this morning Bond No. 9 alerted me that New Haarlem is now available. I bought before making coffee this morning! When I wear this cologne men & women always comment on how great it smells and they want to know who makes it. Love, Love, Love New Haarlem! Many thanks from Sam in Detroit.

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  • New Haarlem

    Lisa | 9/28/2022

    I got two bottles when it came out a few weeks ago. Smells as wonderful as ever. Thank you so much for bringing back! enjoy! 9/2022

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