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"This juice runs like a Maserati," said The New York Times in a 5-star fragrance review. This ode to the glory days of the Harlem Renaissance and the legendary Apollo Theater, Small's Paradise, and the Cotton Club, is a highly potent caffeinated, all-but-drinkable coffee-patchouli blend.

Notes: Lavender, Bergamot, Green Leaves, Coffee, Cedarwood, Amber, Vanilla, Tonka, Patchouli



  • Obsessed with this!

    Cristi | 2/27/2022

    One of my favorites and have been wanting to purchase!!!!!! Please please bring it back!!!!

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  • It'll be back!

    Piotr | 1/14/2022

    I'm so hppy that You will bring it back. This is my favourite scent. I got to know it way after it got out of the market and what I have left will be enought for like two more uses. My dream (to buy a new one) will come true!

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  • QUickly BEcomes a Favorite

    Jo-Ellyn Posselt | 8/2/2021

    So sorry it is not available and hope it comes back soon. It became a favorite and it's true - complete strangers will ask what you're wearing and where to get it!.

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  • Please bring it back

    Sonia | 3/6/2021

    One of the best smelling perfumes EVER!!!!! Please bring it back I am running low!!!!!!

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  • Gourgeous!

    Ola Ostrovska | 11/6/2019

    This is unbelievable fragrance! Never smell something like that before! Used already 2 bottles and want more! So awesome and high class and also too much erotic unisex fragrance - I'll always buy it!

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  • My First Bond Fragrance

    Kerstina | 2/15/2019

    I absolutely adore this scent. This was gifted to me as my introduction to the bond perfumes. Hopefully it will be back in stock soon

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  • Effortlessly Flawless

    Calis | 7/26/2018

    This is my signature scent. I can't go a day without being complimented. i have several bond no 9 fragrances, but this is by far my favorite. New haarlem means so much to me. especially since it's my hometown. so it has even more importance.

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    Brandon Picarello | 1/18/2017

    The textbook definition of "gourmand". This should be called "Breakfast in Haarlem", to me this genuinely smells like Sunday breakfast with a lavender centerpiece. The herbal qualities keep this beauty from becoming too sweet. The overall scent stays fairly linear, which is great because the opening is so alluring. All-season wearability, but you may get better performance in the colder months. And to be perfectly honest, the first time.i smelled it i was baffle and wondered "Why would anyone want to smell like breakfast??". .and it turns out that's actually a stupid question. Absolutely wonderful!!

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  • Sex-Appeal

    Tom | 11/4/2016

    This fragrance is a head turner, with a "hey, what is that you are wearing". You will not regret this scent.

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  • My Favorite

    Frank | 8/8/2016

    Eau de Parfum doesn't always stay with me that long because of my chemistry. this one does and is my most favorite cologne ever. i have tried many and nothing compares to this one.

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