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A new kind of nighttime femininity: Irreverent, unapologetic, favors a shot of icy vodka. A contemporary fruity-floral gourmand skin-scent that's the ultimate in sexy avant-garde urbanity.

Notes: Jasmine, Creamy Vanilla, Sheer Patchouli



  • Scrumptious!

    Kelly | 8/30/2022

    I absolutely love this scent. From the first time I smelled it I knew this was my scent. It is spicy, warm, and divine.

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  • Such a comforting scent

    Anita | 12/15/2021

    I love this! It warms up and remains a subtle reminder you are wearing a very sexy but closely guarded scent. Does not announce itself to a crowd but encourages close contact to enjoy. Most of all I love the bottle shape, classy packaging and samples Bond provides. Well done❤️

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  • My absolute favorite

    DeeAnn White | 11/22/2021

    Of all the Bond no 9 fragrances…this by far is my absolute go to. Great for day and night wear. Subtle yet present!

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  • One of the best

    Bryan H | 4/22/2020

    This was my first of many Bond purchases apx 15 years ago. Though it’s considered more of a female fragrance, men could easily wear it too. It’s very, very complex and classy. Initially I was hesitant to purchase, thought after the clerk behind the counter explained many of the NBA Indiana Pacer players had purchased and were wearing it, my decision was made. This one has received the most compliments of all my colognes

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  • Love it

    Aga | 8/19/2019

    Received as birthday gift! Best fragrance EVER! Long lasting . Beautiful smell

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  • Day or Night

    Carrie Dalton | 7/4/2019

    I Can use this scent either during the day or night. its been my go to from the first smell. it lasts all day and with a little refresher mist i am good to go for night time. absolutely love it. seems a tad strong at first, but it blends with the skin shortly after contact and wala perfection :)

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  • Fabulous

    Candice Watson | 3/6/2019

    This scent is wonderful! Once it settles it’s rich and sexy. Stays on for hours. Only have a sample but I will be ordering soon!

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  • My go to

    Anna | 3/3/2018

    I own a few bond 9 perfumes, this is by far the best for me,mother scent is heavenly and sexy at the same time. I layer it with little Italy for daytime, but for date night only nuit. Scents are personal and this one belongs to me.

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  • The best so far

    Falguni Vansadia | 10/1/2017

    So far nuits de noho is the best perfume I used!

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  • nuits de noho

    Amanda of california | 5/10/2017

    I have finally found the bond that I love the most ...

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