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Our first New York fantasy neighborhood and a perfumer’s dream come true-to celebrate our 10th year anniversary.

High-grade, leather-tinged intoxication: the ultra-feminine rose, accompanied by sultry and seductive partner-notes.

Notes: Davana, Nutmeg, Safran, Red Plum, Rose Oil, Rose Water, Peonies, Jasmine, Patchouli, Sensual Musk, Modern Amber and Mate



  • Fantastic

    Nichelle Thomas | 11/28/2022

    This perfume with my body chemistry is remarkable. It is refreshing, alluring, sexy, has staying power, light and airy, but most of all eloquent.

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  • My favorite

    Nerida Virginia De La Cruz Matos | 9/3/2022

    Smells beautiful! It’s a great perfume and love it and stays day long and the day after, you shower and smells, you go to a place and people notice some thing different and it’s make it unique .

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  • My fave

    Adrienne | 2/18/2021

    This is one of my all time favorites along with Nolita. This scent will last the entire day, no need for refreshing. I received silk samples in this scent and they pair perfectly together.

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  • Just Fabulous

    Irma | 1/14/2021

    This is my favorite fragrance of all time. I get so many compliments on how it smells. The subtle rose scent is what makes it come together. I absolutely love this perfume.

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  • Fabulous Fragrance!

    Katrina Gibbs | 6/13/2019

    This is one of my all time favorite bond fragrances. It's one of the most luscious rose fragrances on the market and I feel heavenly wearing it. A gentleman was standing in line in front of me in a coffee shop and said "I smell rose" and turned to me with a huge smile. Perfumista reigns supreme!

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  • Perfumista ave

    Maria | 2/11/2019

    Love it 😘😘😘😘

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  • One of kind scent!

    Michelle | 10/15/2017

    A memorable sent! Stopped every where I go.

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  • My favorite

    Wendy | 10/1/2016

    This is my favorite bond fragrance currently. It seems to last longer than the others on me.

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  • Rose colored velvet

    Manuel | 8/2/2016

    Now this is a stunning fragrance full of sensuality. Right from the beginning, it envelops the wearer in a cloud of sweet-spicy Roses, dark and red. What is so remarkable about Perfumista Avenue, is the way the Rose was paired with the Saffron and a note that I can't quite place. This mixture reminds me of oriental sweets, made with Rose water. Perfumista Avenue is not a Gourmand fragrance in the classical way, but it does have this delicious aura about it. Or maybe it's rather a sexy aura? Well, whatever it is that makes me swoon over this fragrance, you shouldn't miss out on it! I am sure that everyone who experiences this velvety sweet Rose, will fall in love with it. Bond removed all the old fashioned notes a Rose sometimes features, and made it a typical New York delight.

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